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Custom Masonry Services North Atlanta Custom Masonry for the North Atlanta suburbs by American Outdoor Living GA. American Outdoor Living is an experienced North Atlanta masonry contractor who specializes in custom masonry construction.
Water Features North Atlanta Adding a pond, waterfall, and stream to your landscaping design is a magical combination of rocks, plant textures and liquid motion which you will enjoy all year round. The construction of ponds and waterfalls must harmonize with the landscape. American Outdoor Living is the leading builder of ponds, waterfalls and streams in the North Atlanta suburbs.
Sprinkler System Design North Atlanta Are you tired of having dry, dead grass? Perhaps it's time you get a well-crafted, professional sprinkler system installed for your lawn. American Outdoor Living the experienced sprinkler installation choice for North Atlanta. American Outdoor Living is  a professional company that can create an efficient irrigation plan for your property.  
North Atlanta Landscape Design We favor a rich, contemporary landscape design style that transforms landscape elements into
functional art, based on design principles. We strive to make each design artistic yet functional, each landscape custom tailored to the needs of the client.

Slab Steps Johns Creek

Slab Steps Johns Creek

Slab steps are a functional and eye pleasing addition to your Johns Creek landscape, walkways and patios. Slab Steps keep foot traffic directed off your lawn and following pathways, and are perfect for steep walkways and paths in your terraced landscaping project. American Outdoor Living constructs slab steps for Johns Creek homeowners, adding functionality to the outdoor living area. American Outdoor Livingoffers custom slab steps made of natural stone. Some projects where slab steps can be incorporated in the outdoor living space can include; stone patios, outdoor living areas, stone veneered sidewalks, stone walkways, stone veneers, stacked stone walls, walkways, and stairways between walls or on a steep slope. Aslab stone step addition adds beauty and value to your home property, as well as adding an aesthetical appeal to your home and outdoor living areas.

Johns Creek Stone Slab Steps

American Outdoor Living can construct stone slab steps for Johns Creek landscape. Slab stone steps in Johns Creek can be constructed of many types of durable products for years of enjoyment. Many colors of stone slabs are available to match your home. Some examples of stone we use in our stonework include the many colors of, Tennessee Field Stone, Tennessee Flag stone, Bluestone, Crab Orchard, Pennsylvania Bluestone, Pennsylvania Fieldstone and granite.

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